Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take to get out of jail?

Our bail agents at House of Bail Bonds pride themselves on rapid service. This means as soon as the jail says that your individual is ready for bail; we immediately head to the police station to post the bail bond. Now the Actual Release time depends upon the jail facility in which your individual is held. If he/she is at a city jail facility release time can be anywhere from 30 minutes tp 1 hour. County Jail facilities may take anywhere from 2-8 hours (on average) to release inmates. You can call House of Bail Bonds for a more accurate estimate depending on the exact jail facility where your loved one is being held.


What is a Bail Bond?

When someone is accused of committing a crime and is subsequently arrested, they are taken to a detention center or jail like the LA County Detention Center. At this point, the person in custody is an arresttee awaiting court trial. If the accused does not want to spend one or two nights in a jail detention facility, then they will need to pay the bail either all in cash, or go to House of Bail Bonds and pay 10% of the bail for a bail bond. The bail schedule for each crime/charge is set by the judges of each county. The judges use cash bail or a bailbond as a deposit to secure the person’s return to court after they are released from jail. In order to bail, you will need one of the following:

CASH BAIL: Payment in full (cash) at the jail for the FULL BAIL amount.

BAIL BOND: Can be purchased for a small percentage of the bail at HOUSE OF BAIL BONDS. This is 10%, and for those that use collateral, it can be 8%. So, for example, if the bail is set at $5,000 at the jail, you pay our company 10% or $500 to get the person out of jail. Please note that Immigration Bail Bonds have higher rates and fees. If the person released from jail does not return to court, the bail is forfeited. A bench warrrant is automatically issued by the judge and the full bail amount is due to the court. At this point, the person that was released on a bail bond and did not return to court is a bail bond fugitive, and a Fugitive Recovery Bail Enforcement Agent, also known as a bounty hunter, will begin an investigation into the apprehension of the fugitive.


How much is a bail bond?

The standard cost for a bail bond is ten percent (10%) of the Bail Amount that is required at the jail or courthouse. The bail amount is predetermined and directly correlated to the charge. 10% is known as the "Standard Bail Amount" or the Standard California Rate. House of Bail Bonds has a special discounted rate filed. If qualified, our company can reduce the premium to eight percent (8%). *Do not be fooled by misleading advertising which states 5% bail. What those companies really mean is 5% down payment and the 5% once the individual is released from jail.*


What if the person I bail out does not appear in court?

Immediately upon missing a scheduled court appearance,the court will issue a bench warrant for the arrest of the person out on bail. Additionally, a notice will be sent to House of Bail Bonds notifing us of the failure to appear in court, also known as a Bail Bond Forfeiture. Once the Bail Bond has been forfeited, our clients have two options; Reinstate the Bail Bond - so that the individual can keep making all of his/her court appearances or surrender the individual back into custody if he/sheis not willing to cooperate. Please call our office to talk to one of our agents who will be more than willing to address any specific concerns or go more into detail regarding a missed court appearance.

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