The Bounty Hunters & The International Manhunt

The Bounty Hunters & The International Manhunt

Wanted Fugitive

Wanted Fugitive on the run

The red bail bond file gets placed on my desk, with a note on it saying “urgent!” I look it over to see that the bail bond client, Cesar G., had missed court five days earlier, and was now a fugitive wanted by the law.

Cesar G. was initially arrested for a California Penal Code 245 (a) (1), an assault with a deadly weapon. Mr. G was in an altercation against two other individuals where he felt his life was in danger, and he pulled out a pocket knife and used it against one of the individuals. Cesar G was subsequently arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department for 245 (a) (1), and he was taken to the LAPD Metro Detention Center Jail. His bail was set at $30,000 dollars, and his family used the services of House of Bail Bonds to bail him out of jail.

Cesar G. continued to go to court for about six months. Cesar had retained a private attorney to help him with his case. Unfortunately, Cesar lost his job and was unable to continue with his private attorney, so he had to rely on a Los Angeles County Public Defender. The Public Defender was unable to negotiate a deal with the District Attorney, who was adamant on offering Cesar 2 years in jail and no less. With his back against the wall, Cesar failed to return to court. The judge ordered a bench warrant in the name of Cesar G. and he also ordered the bail bond forfeited for $30,000. The hunt was on, now to find and follow a trail.

Our team of bounty hunters paid an early morning visit to the fugitive’s last known address in the area of Northeast Los Angeles, which was unfortunate for the new residents. Cesar and his family had moved out about a month earlier. A quick mobile laptop search led us to a new address in Boyle Heights (East LA). Here we found his wife and kids, his sister and her husband, and another couple who just happened to rent a room there. They all claimed to not know where the fugitive was or where he might have gone. They claimed that they did not have any other family members.  His wife said that he left because he didn’t want to go to jail but that he didn’t say where he planned to go.

So we went back to headquarters to regroup, process any new leads that were gathered during the investigation, and to continue to research the fugitive and his family. An aunt of the fugitive was located in Simi Valley, Ventura, CA. We paid her a visit early the next morning. At first she claimed to not know the fugitive, but quickly changed her mind and agreed that Cesar was her nephew. She stated that she didn’t know where Cesar was and that she hadn’t seen him in a long time. We asked her if she had any idea where the fugitive might go, and she stated no. On the way back to Los Angeles, new addresses were found via computer database research.

These addresses were actually a few blocks away from the fugitive’s last known address in Boyle Heights. So he was living near some cousins. We paid them a visit, and they weren’t to thrilled to see us. One of the fugitive’s cousins mentioned that he was probably in Mexico, since he had nowhere else to go. We continued talking to other family members, while also asking about other relatives that they might have in Los Angeles. We then went back to the wife’s address in Boyle Heights. She now realized that this was not going away easily, and that we had found other addresses to their family. She stated that Cesar’s aunt in Simi Valley had all the information we needed. We also spoke with Cesar’s brother in law, who stated that he was not too fond of the fugitive, and that Cesar was a coward hiding in Mexico. The brother in law said that we had the family rattled because another of Cesar’s aunts had a deportation order from the U.S. Immigration Department, and they were afraid that we might find her and cause her deportation.

Guadalajara, Mexico
Fugitive Recovery in Guadalajara, Mexico

With this new information we headed back to Simi Valley, California in Ventura County to see Cesar’s aunt.The family was now willing to cooperate in order to save another family member. Cesar’s aunt told us that Cesar’s mother had wired money from Mexico. She said that she had helped Cesar take a bus back to Mexico. She gave us his address and phone number in Mexico, and said that
if we go there anytime before noon, we will find Cesar in his bed sleeping; guaranteed! Cesar and the rest of the family was willing to cooperate in any way needed to resolve the matter, so long as our investigation ended. Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico was the next stop!



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