So you want to be a Bounty Hunter?

Well, I know I owe you the rest of the International Bounty Hunt story,

So you want to be a Bounty Hunter?

Bounty Hunter tools of the Trade and then some…

but I have been busy hunting and not
blogging. In the mean time I will tell you that the fugitive in this picture was the real deal. His capture felt like a bad scene out of the TV show COPS. He was the toughest fugitive arrest in 12 years bounty hunting, and if you think, I repeat THINK you want to be a bounty hunter, then his story just might make you reconsider. Bail Bonds and being a bail agent is one thing, but finding, chasing and arresting fighting fleeing fugitives in Los Angeles, CA is on another level of the game….stay tuned!

LA Bail Agent

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A Los Angeles Bail Bonds Agent.
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2 Responses to So you want to be a Bounty Hunter?

  1. Cal says:

    Thanks for the story. I had considered it before. Although I’ve already decided it’s not my cup of tea. Your story only adds more to that reasoning.

    • Cal, thanks for your input. And it is definitely something that should be well thought out before actually entering this profession. If you check back here again, I will also be writing about some of the more memorable fugitive captures from the past which should undoubtedly strength your decision about the bail bond bounty hunting profession. It is extremely hard and demanding, and if you want to be a good Fugitive Recovery Agent, aka Bounty Hunter, then multiply extremely hard and demanding by 2.

      LA Bail Agent

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